Live Event Design

All venues need structure to manage the crowd and ensure limited lines at food, bar/beverage stations, and entertainment. Communication and inclusion are vital to the success of any corporate event. We’ve provided on-site translators, print, and video solutions as well as custom menus for special dietary needs, ramps for access and more. We take the time to get to know your company so we can craft unique solutions specially designed for your corporate event. Plus as live event producers with a 15 year Hollywood Production and Talent Management background we have the inside track for your next event!


Just Completed Live Event for 550 Attendees. American Cancer Society as Beneficiary
Services for the event included, graphic designs, staging, rigging, live music event production consisting of 20 original music acts, staffing, security detail direction, check in of all attendees, run of live show, green room VIP management, complete layout design of 2 venues. The event was an incredible success and we thank the event promoter for hiring Calapai Media group  AUG. 10. 2019

Completed Production-Run of Show-Security Detail- Live Event  1700+ Attendees

Booked headliner for large charity event on Long Island, Tony Award Nominee and American Idol finalist, Constantine Maroulis. Produced live music event with former NY Yankee Bernie Williams, run of show, red carpet, press/media, security detail direction for Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart. Set up run of show materials, directed staffing and achieved success securing several high profile event sponsors. With-Steiner Sports-Hulk Hogan

Video-TV -Film Steven Calapai Producer/Designer


 "Thank you once again for an outstanding evening of grandeur, courtesy and professionalism. One of the most spectacular event I’ve ever been too.." On behalf of Ms Lottie Dah and I .. Amazing

"Well done, was amazing. Everyone rocked. Can’t wait til next one". Michael Harkins Manager Corey Daye

"Steven Calapai so honored to be included in something so amazing. Everyone was incredibly genuine !! You did an amazing job". Scott Stimell Cardboard Memories

”Steve been doing shows for 40yrs your event was professional,treated the talent with care and comfort,rooms,travel and foodIt was a pleasure working with your staff,thank you for a successful event i look forward to working with your company in the future”. Deney Terrio

"For a gig of such magnitude to go down so smoothly, there is nothing left to do but thank as many of the team members as possible including: Steve Calapai, who ran the show and kept everything in order, as well as helped market it".

"Hey Steve , you hooked that Promo up !!! Wish I had computer skills like THAT  !!! Wow.."KYM MILLER INSTANT FUNK BAND

"Steve dude, take a bow. I keep hearing from people about how great the event was. Even to the point they are joining pinktie 1000 and swearing they will assist next year". Alex M Wolfe