"Rainy Days and Sunday's" An Original Painting

"Rainy Days and Sunday's" An Original Painting


"Rainy days and Sunday's always inspire me to create. Was I was a kid growing up on Long Island there was no internet or texting. We had outdoor sports. Street hockey, football, baseball you name it we did it. When it rained or when it was Sundayl there weren't any sports to play. This was my special time create art. I loved it then and still do".. This is "Rainy Days and Sunday's"...


Painted on 16x20 wood backed canvas acrylic and watercolor, ready to hang.

Print Sizes:

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11x14   $249.00

11x17   $399.00

16x24  $549.00

17x22  $699.00

18x24  $729.00

20x30 $899.00

36x46 $1199.00

(Larger Sizes are Available)

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