"Pinball Wizard" An Original Painting

"Pinball Wizard" An Original Painting


"My fascination of "Pinball" started when I was a young kid. Saving up all my money to get to the local game room to play pinball. Later inspired by the Who's incredible song Pinball Wizard...This is Pinball Wizard.."..

Painted on 24x36 wood backed canvas acrylic, ready to hang.

Print Sizes:

Signed Artist Prints Add $100.00

8x10     $99.00

11x14   $249.00

11x17   $399.00

16x24  $549.00

17x22  $699.00

18x24  $729.00

20x30 $899.00

36x46 $1199.00

(Larger Sizes are Available)

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