"No. 19" An Original Painting

"No. 19" An Original Painting


"No. 19" An Original Painting

"I remember being 10 years old and saving up my allowance to buy black bic pens. I would create designs like this on any paper I could find. This passion has carried through for my whole life. Creating this on a 36x48 brings back some incredible memories of my childhood. This is No. 19"


Painted on 36x48 wood backed canvas acrylic and watercolor.

Print Sizes:

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8x10     $99.00

11x14   $249.00

11x17   $399.00

16x24  $449.00

17x22  $599.00

18x24  $629.00

20x30 $799.00

36x46 $999.00

(Larger Sizes are Available)

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