"Burn Down The Mission" An Original Painting Inspired by Sir Elton John

"Burn Down The Mission" An Original Painting Inspired by Sir Elton John


"In many areas around the world, the "mission" was a place of residence owned by the Roman Catholic church, where priests could engage in the conversion of heathens to christianity. Many times these missions were protected by soldiers or free men who served a higher power, such as a royal family or the papacy.

Many times these missions were not welcome, especially when poor, starving people would look and see missionaries and priests eating well, and living under good shelter. This was especially true when the hypocrisy became apparent between what the church preached and what it actually did.

This incredible creation reflects an uprising by the people who the missionaries are trying to convert. They are freezing and starving and have had enough. They burn down the mission for warmth and shelter.". This is Burn Down The Mission..


Painted on 30x40 wood backed canvas, acrylic, ready to display.

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