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Steven Calapai Gallery Premiere 2019
Steven Calapai, Designer and Producer Live Charity Event 2019
The American Cancer Society/Sohojohnny
Pictured With Deney Terrio
Photo Credit- Barry Brown Photography
Spending Time With Former Heavyweight Champ Evander Holyfield 2019

Red Carpet Charity Event With Jimmy Hart and Hulk Hogan WWE 2018

Photo Credit Alex M Wolf Concierge Photography

Steve Calapai was born and raised on Long Island New York. Steven started his career as an actor/print model at a very early age working with top TV & Film Companies, agents and managers. He was represented by the same organizations that represented Menudo and Rickie Martin. As there was no internet, social media etc., Steven learned how to promote himself using the tools that were available to him, his eye's, surroundings and his hands. Sketching out promotional ads and flyers, using markers, pen, pencil and even crayon to create flyers about himself as an actor/model from everything he was seeing around him. "We couldn't afford head-shots back then. I remember having friends take black and white pictures and heading to photo mat to get them developed. I did everything I could to make them look professional and after many tries it worked. From transfer letters, stencils to adding colors, here is where I found my calling in the arts". 

Nights at Studio 54 having incredible conversations with the likes of Warhol and Bowie to the art galleries of NY City journeying through different types of neighborhoods and cultures storing everything he saw in his mind, constantly educating himself through art. Having played numerous times at and being a regular at CBGB in NY City's Hell's Kitchen, Steven was able to experience not only the sounds and conversations with Hilly Crystal, (Owner), (David Byrne), The Talking Head's, Blondie and Iggy Pop, to name just a few, but the beginning of what now is called "Pop Art".

Following a successful career in acting/print modeling, Steve tried his hand in a career in The Music Industry where he was a great success. Working as a producer, session drummer, Grammy Member and studio owner, Steve has had the privilege to manage 2 Time #1 recording artist Freddie Scott. Mr. Scott's hits included: ("You Got What I Need"-Sampled By rapper Biz Markie), (#1 hit song "Hey Girl", #1 R&B hit, "Are You Lonely For Me Baby") and another 10 top thirty hits. While working with Scott Steven set up and designed numerous public appearances, red carpet events and concerts.  Steven is proud to have worked with and appeared with, Bette Midler, Billy Joel, Van Morrison, Cuba Gooding Sr., Solomon Burke, Johnny Winter, Bruce Springsteen, Gary Us Bonds, Atlantic Records, Elijah Records and many more...  The conversations and stories he had with these incredible artist's can be seen and felt throughout Steven's artwork.

As his popularity grew in the industry Steven turned his talents to managing actors. Having managed Cable Ace Award nominee, Billy McNamara, Steve was introduced to the world of film and Television. It was here that his passions grew even larger. Mr McNamara's credits include: "Doing Time On Maple Drive", which was the most highest rated TV program in Lifetime TV's history, "Brylecream Boys", Showtime's, "Beggars and Choosers", "Copy Cat" and many more.

Steve has handled press and pr for many well known celebrities and has worked with and provided designs for top organizations and celebrities in TV and Film including, The Michael Awards, starring Regis Philbin, Playboys 50th Anniversary hosted by Pamela Anderson, Reality Cares with an award going to Mark Burnett, Omarossa, Tommy Davidson from In Living Color, and many more... Steve created the TV concept "Reality Rewind" starring Gideon Horowitz,NBC''S-The Restaurant With Rocco Dispierito and has interviewed the likes of Mark Burnett and Donald Trump. Steve worked with producers Michael Tadross Jr and Mark Lipsky at EMPI, Entertainment Management Partners in NY City. Mr. Lipsky produced "The Arsenio Hall Show". He has also provided management and business management for Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Chris Rock, John Belushi and numerous cast members from Saturday Night Live. Steven worked with the son of famed Beatles Producer George Martin while at EMPI also, Greg Martin. Steven has sold and written numerous TV projects to Networks and has worked with Michael Tadross Jr.  Mr Tadross Jr. comes from a family of billion dollar grossing producers in Hollywood. They have produced the films, "Hitch", "I Am Legend", "The Thomas Crowne Affair", "Sherlock Holmes" and "Arthur" just to name a few. "The imagery of Hollywood is forever saved in my memory and can be seen throughout my artwork".

Steve was privileged to work with and be partnered on a handful of TV projects with such a great friend and professional in Michael Tadross Jr.  

Having suffered from the loss of a step child and seeing how so many children in this world are in need, Steven has been a major contributor to numerous charities. From the design and creation of live charity fundraisers to donations of art and graphics, charity work and philanthropy are close to his heart and will remain as such.

Life Quotes- "I'm glad I stayed in touch with the boy that dreamed impossible dreams"

"Art is the noise you hear when looking at it that leads to the silencing of your soul"

"There is more than meets the eye or maybe it's just an illusion after all, it's for you to decide.
My imagery and journey of 25 years of entertainment, spirituality, adversity, triumph and tragedy, pop culture, successful business entrepreneur and Hollywood executive is all infused into my exciting new collection of mesmerizing graphic art.
Look beyond the layers, ask yourself what you see, what you see will enlighten and inspire"..

Steven is an Internationally recognized celebrity artist, sculptor and designer.

Steven has been coined, "The James Bond and David Copperfield of the Graphic Art World".


Spending Time With 2 Time Tony Nominee/American Idol
Finalist Constantine Maroulis 2019

Artist Steven Calapai With Sergey Kovalev

WBA World Champion

Madison Square Garden Red Carpet Arrivals 2019

Artist Steven Calapai NBC Podium

With The Tonight Show Host

Jimmy Fallon Belmont Stakes 2018

Artist Steven Calapai and Guest

Stonybrook Hospital Charity Ball

Red Carpet Arrivals 2019

Artist Steven Calapai NY Yankee

Legend Jim Leyritz Red Carpet

Arrivals Blemont Stakes 2018

Artist Steven Calapai With Former

NY Ranger Hockey Great Ron Duguay

Charity Event 2018

Artist Steven Calapai With Miss NY

VIP Red Carpet Arrivals

Charity Event 2018

Artist Steven Calapai Supporting The Leukemia and Lymphoma

Society Man of the Year Gala 

VIP Charity Event 2018

Artist Steven Calapai Supporting The Wounded

Warriors With NY Legislator Joshua Lafazan

Charity Event 2019

Artist Steven Calapai With  American Idol Finalist/2 Time Tony Award Nominee Constantine Maroulis

VIP Charity Event 2018

Artist Steven Calapai Helping Support The NY Patrolmen's Benevolent Society Fundraiser

Charity Event 2019

Artist Steven Calapai Supporting The Leukemia and Lymphoma

Society Man of the Year Winner

Robert Zabbia VIP Charity Event 2018

Photo Credit Concierge Photography

Artist Steven Calapai Supporting The Southampton Art Center Fundraiser 2019

Hamptons NY

Photo Credit Southampton Art Center

Artist Steven Calapai Supporting The Michael Magro Foundation Charity With Big Mike Sangiamo 103.1 Max FM DJ and

Legislator Joshua Lafazan

Photo Concierge Photography

Artist Steven Calapai Supporting The Southampton Art Center Fundraiser 2019 Radio/Harlen Freidman

Hamptons NY

Photo Credit Southampton Art Center

Artist Steven Calapai Supporting The Leukemia and Lymphoma

Society Man of the Year National Record Breaking Winner Asaf German (left) With Attorney Mitch Diamond

VIP Charity Event 2019

Artist Steven Calapai Live at 94.3 FM The Shark

Radio NY With On Air Personality

"Big Mike" Sangiamo 2020