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Steven Calapai is a highly accomplished producer and director with a rich and diverse background spanning 20 years as a record company executive, real estate investor, philanthropist, published artist, composer, and voting member of the Grammy Awards. His extensive experience across multiple industries has finely honed his creative vision, which he skillfully translates into captivating entertainment.
Steven boasts an impressive track record of creating and producing top-quality content for TV, film studios and networks. He has written, directed, and produced a wide range of projects, including two feature films, three documentaries, and numerous TV commercials and ad campaigns for startups and leading brands. As a former agent and manager to many prominent celebrities, Steven has cultivated a strong network of relationships with top actors and agencies worldwide.
Driven by his passion for storytelling and his desire to create impactful and thought-provoking content, Steven is dedicated to producing compelling stories that resonate with audiences. His meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence has put him on a fast track to success in the film and television industry. As a branding and corporate media professional, Steven brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his work, elevating his projects to new heights of success.

"Steve has one of the most fertile minds I have ever seen". Mark Lipsky-Former manager and Executive Producer, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Arsenio Hall.

Work History



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Career Highlights:
🎬 Recently co-produced 2 feature films on location in Miami and Nevada. ✈️
➡️ Producer/Writer/Director-Willie "The Magic" Bean 2022
➡️ Producer/Writer/Director-Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (TV) 2022

➡️ Co-Producer-Rearview Feature Film (Miami-Las Vegas)
➡️ Producer-Shooting Cars (Television-Bravo)
➡️ Producer/Director/Writer-Reality Rewind (Television)
➡️ Co-Producer Rearview Feature Film (Post-Production) 2022
➡️ Writer/Producer Cartaphilus Feature Film Nevada 2022

➡️ Producer Director/Writer -Operation Wasteland
➡️ Producer Director/Writer -Taxi Empire
➡️ Producer Director/Writer -Boston Harbor Boys
➡️ Producer Director/Writer-Pasta People
➡️ Producer Live/Director Video Events For Numerous Charities | Celebrities| Film/Television Companies
Exceeding over 20k Attendees
➡️Producer/Director Live Charity Event-Featuring Hulk Hogan (WWE), Bernie Williams Former NY Yankee.
➡️Former Partner-Producer (Television) of Mark Lipsky (Billion Dollar Grossing Producer)-(Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Arsenio Hall Mgr.-Executive Producer-Arsenio Hall Show-Coming to America Executive Producer).
➡️ Former Manager/Producer of 2 Time #1 Recording Artist Freddie Scott
➡️ Former Manager/William McNamara
➡️ Former Talent Manager/Agent
➡️ Former Film-TV Executive EMPI NY City
➡️ Featured | Published In Modern Luxury | LiveIn Style Magazines

➡️ Director/Producer-Bajarriba Tequila 11/22

➡️ Director/Producer Bungee Infomercials 11/22

➡️ Director/Producer Slava Ukraini Documentary

⤵️ Investor Opportunities Available For Film Deck-
➡️ Co-Producer of The Weapon 2022 Lionsgate


☎️Cell/Mobile 1+(631) 867 8745


Anthony S. Crisci, Esq., C.P.A.

914-417-9706 (Phone)

818-301-5165 (Fax)

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 631 867  8745

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