Artist Steven Calapai Donates 20k David Bowie Inspired Painting to "Mandate For Humanity" Live Virtual Concert Charity Event Appearance's by Ozzie Osborne , Henry Rollin's..more link.....11. 20

The art of Steven Calapai Featured in LiveIn-Style NY Magazine 12. 23.20

Photo Credit LivieIn-Style

Artist Steven Calapai Featured in Vegas Magazine The Arts Issue

IN THE NEWS...12-20-The Artwork of Steven Calapai is NOW Featured in January Edition of Livein-Style Magazine

"Internationally Recognized and Published-Fine Artist, Painter, Sculptor and Designer" ABOUT STEVEN CALAPAI

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New Collection-"Blossoms , Eden and Cenote Original Paintings by Steven Calapai See Them All in the Art Store

"Skyline Abstract"

SOLD! (2).png

"Tree of Never Ending Wishes"

Forest of Mordor Promo.png

"The Acoustic Collection

Hollywood Hills-page-002.jpg

New Collection Available in the Gallery Original Paintings by Artist Steven Calapai

Autumn Celebration Promo 100.png
Autumn Celebration Promo 10.png
Autumn Celebration Final.jpg

"Autumn Celebration" Painted on 48x36 Wood Backed Canvas Acrylic 

Blossoms No 31 promo7.png
Tree of Mystic Promo1.png

Steven Calapai Artist...IN THE NEWS...Modern Luxury Magazine/Vegas Features the Art of Steven Calapai

The Work of Artist Steven Calapai  (Scroll Right)  Now Available in Our Online Store

Tree of the Holy Ghost.jpg
Blossoms No. 27.jpg
Abstract No. 26.jpg

"The Tree of Judas"


"Blossoms No. 27"

"Abstract No. 26"

City Abstract Collection 2.png
Blossoms at Night.jpg
Spring Awakening.jpg

"City Abstract Collection"


"Blossoms at Night"

"Spring Awakening

New Additions of Original Artwork  Available in Our Online Gallery

New Original Creation by Artist Steven Calapai "Machine"- Available in Our Online Gallery

Gallery Offering "The Blossoms Collection" Available Only in Our Online Gallery

IN THE NEWS...12-20-The Artwork of Steven Calapai is NOW Featured in January Edition of Livein-Style Magazine

"Sports Car" Available In Our Online Gallery

Steven Calapai's Artwork is Featured in..

"Merchandise Coming Soon"

"Chopper" With Inspiration From Legendary Custom Motorcycle Builders and Personal Friend's of the Artist Steven Calapai

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The Artwork of Steven Calapai Featured on Fox

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Artwork created especially for the upscale living enthusiast.

Steven Calapai 

Award Winning Artist


631 867 8745

Original Artwork Available For Gallery and Acquisition "Inspired by 25 Years in Entertainment and Hollywood Infused Into Mesmerizing Art"

Critics Review of the Artwork of Steven Calapai

To look at your work, I am truly surprised that you are self-taught. What beautiful pieces. I particularly love that you picked one of my favorite mythemes, the tree to symbolically amplify. It represents many things in many cultures and has prevailed for millennia as a symbol connecting man to his roots, to the heavens and to epistemic branches of thought, in most religious texts. Your trees are alive, breathing, spiritual semiotic messaging. In fact, it's almost as if this whole series channels the deepest messaging about our need to live a life that can integrate ourselves with ourselves, with other cultural "trees" and with the heavens to which our branches wish to self-extend. Congratulations, my friend.  You might have come to this world (and returned from the underworld) just to create this lovely, soul-stirring interpretation of the sources of focus that should be important to humans. I can feel the joy you felt when you completed it. More importantly, it makes me feel more connected to the Natural World of myself. It will do this for most viewers. And you are right, yours is a moving story, not just for other artists. It fascinates and inspires on many levels.

I am a mythologist and depth psychologist, in addition to being a professor, writer, editor/muse/structural consultant for screen and fiction writers.  (@write_into_culture). The first thing I teach creators of any cultural product is to understand the language and narrative expressed by their own soul/heart epistemes and the way that narrative can - and should - resonate in the rendering of other cultural "narratives," "voices" and themes, whether written, oral or visual. Your work seems to be channeled through a whole other energic source than the one you allowed to animate the rest of your life. This is not only powerful to witness, it explains why your work speaks to people/patrons from all over the world.  Very nice to know you. And your work. "Leonora Francesca Flores"